Mr. Lippitt appears in Michigan's courts more than 400 times each year. Below is a partial list of the Judges and Courts that Mr. Lippitt routinely appears in.


6th Circuit Court, Pontiac
Honorable Wendy Lynn Potts , Chief Judge
Honorable James M. Alexander
Honorable Martha Anderson
Honorable Steven N. Andrews
Honorable Leo Bowman
Honorable Rae Lee Chabot
Honorable Mark A. Goldsmith
Honorable Nanci J. Grant
Honorable Shalina D. Kumar
Honorable Denise Langford-Morris
Honorable Cheryl A. Matthews
Honorable John James McDonald
Honorable Fred M. Mester
Honorable Rudy J. Nichols
Honorable Colleen A. O'Brien
Honorable Daniel Patrick O'Brien
Honorable Edward Sosnick
Honorable Michael D. Warren Jr.
Honorable Joan E. Young

43rd District Court, Hazel Park
Honorable Robert J. Turner , Chief Judge
Honorable Keith P. Hunt
Honorable Joseph Longo

43rd District Court, FerndaleHonorable Robert J. Turner , Chief Judge
Honorable Keith P. Hunt
Honorable Joseph Longo

43rd District Court, Madison Heights
Honorable Robert J. Turner , Chief Judge
Honorable Keith P. Hunt
Honorable Joseph Longo

44th District Court Royal Oak
Honorable Terrence H. Brennan , Chief Judge
Honorable Daniel Sawicki

45A District Court, BerkleyHonorable William R. Sauer , Chief Judge

45B District Court, Oak ParkHonorable Michelle Friedman Appel , Chief Judge
Honorable David M. Gubow

46th District Court, SouthfieldHonorable Susan M. Moiseev , Chief Judge
Honorable Shelia R. Johnson
Honorable William J. Richards

47th District Court, Farmington Hills
Honorable James Brady , Chief Judge
Honorable Marla E. Parker

48th District Court, Bloomfield Hills
Honorable Diane D'Agostini , Chief Judge
Honorable Marc Barron
Honorable Kimberly Small

50th District Court, PontiacHonorable Preston G. Thomas , Chief Judge
Honorable Michael C. Martinez
Honorable Cynthia Thomas Walker

51st District Court, WaterfordHonorable Richard D. Kuhn Jr. , Chief Judge
Honorable Phyllis C. McMillen

52nd District Court, NoviHonorable Robert Bondy
Honorable Brian W. MacKenzie
Honorable Dennis N. Powers

52nd District Court, Clarkston
Honorable Dana Fortinberry
Honorable Kelley Renae Kostin

52nd District Court, Rochester Hills
Honorable Lisa L. Asadoorian
Honorable Nancy Tolwin Carniak
Honorable Julie A. Nicholson

52nd District Court, TroyHonorable William E. Bolle , Chief Judge
Honorable Dennis C. Drury
Honorable Michael A. Martone

Oakland County Probate Court, Pontiac
Honorable Ellizabeth M. Pezzetti , Chief Judge
Honorable Barry M. Grant
Honorable Linda S. Hallmark
Honorable Eugene Arthur Moore


3rd Circuit Court (Detroit)

Honorable William J. Giovan , Chief Judge
Honorable Deborah Ross Adams
Honorable David J. Allen
Honorable Wendy M. Baxter
Honorable Annette J. Berry
Honorable Gregory D. Bill
Honorable Susan D. Borman
Honorable Ulysses W. Boykin
Honorable Margie R. Braxton
Honorable Megan Maher Brennan
Honorable Helen E. Brown
Honorable Bill Callahan
Honorable James A. Callahan
Honorable Michael J. Callahan
Honorable Jerome C. Cavanagh
Honorable James R. Chylinski
Honorable Robert J. Colombo Jr.
Honorable Daphne Means Curtis
Honorable Christopher D. Dingell
Honorable Gershwin Allen Drain
Honorable Prentis Edwards
Honorable Charlene M. Elder
Honorable Vonda R. Evans
Honorable Edward Ewell Jr.
Honorable Patricia Susan Fresard
Honorable Sheila Ann Gibson
Honorable John H. Gillis Jr.
Honorable David Alan Groner
Honorable Richard B. Halloran Jr.
Honorable Amy Patricia Hathaway
Honorable Cynthia Gray Hathaway
Honorable Diane Marie Hathaway
Honorable Muriel D. Hughes
Honorable Thomas Edward Jackson
Honorable Vera Massey Jones
Honorable Mary Beth Kelly
Honorable Timothy Michael Kenny
Honorable Arthur J. Lombard
Honorable Kathleen I. Macdonald
Honorable Kathleen M. McCarthy
Honorable Wade H. McCree
Honorable Warfield Moore Jr.
Honorable Bruce U. Morrow
Honorable John A. Murphy
Honorable Maria L. Oxholm
Honorable Lita Masini Popke
Honorable Daniel P. Ryan
Honorable Michael F. Sapala
Honorable Richard M. Skutt
Honorable Mark T. Slavens
Honorable Leslie Kim Smith
Honorable Virgil C. Smith
Honorable Jeanne Stempien
Honorable Cynthia Diane Stephens
Honorable Craig S. Strong
Honorable Brian R. Sullivan
Honorable Deborah A. Thomas
Honorable Isidore B. Torres
Honorable Carole F. Youngblood
Honorable Robert L. Ziolkowski

16th District Court (Livonia)

Honorable Kathleen J. McCann

Honorable Robert B. Brzezinski , Chief Judge

17th District Court (Redford)

Honorable Karen Khalil

Honorable Charlotte L. Wirth , Chief Judge

18th District Court (Westland)

Honorable Sandra A. Cicirelli

Honorable C. Charles Bokos , Chief Judge

19th District Court (Dearborn)

Honorable Mark W. Somers , Chief Judge
Honorable William C. Hultgren
Honorable Richard Wygonik

20th District Court (Dearborn Heights)

Honorable Mark J. Plawecki , Chief Judge
Honorable David Turfe

21st District Court (Garden City)

Honorable Richard L. Hammer Jr., Chief Judge

22nd District Court

Honorable Sylvia A. James , Chief Judge

23rd District Court (Taylor)

Honorable Geno Salomone , Chief Judge
Honorable William J. Sutherland
Ms. Vicky Bowman , Court Administrator

24th District Court (Allen Park)

Honorable John T. Courtright , Chief Judge
Honorable Richard A. Page

25th District Court (Lincoln Park)

Honorable David J. Zelenak , Chief Judge
Honorable David A. Bajorek

26th District Court (Ecorse)

Honorable Michael F. Ciungan , Chief Judge

26th District Court (River Rouge)

Honorable Raymond A. Charron

27th District Court (Wyandotte)

Honorable Randy L. Kalmbach , Chief Judge

28th District Court (Southgate)

Honorable James A. Kandrevas , Chief Judge

29th District Court (Wayne)

Honorable Laura Redmond Mack , Chief Judge

30th District Court (Highland Park)

Honorable Brigette R. Officer , Chief Judge

31st District Court (Hamtramck)

Honorable Paul J. Paruk , Chief Judge

32A District Court (Harper Woods)

Honorable Roger J. La Rose , Chief Judge

33rd District Court (Woodhaven)

Honorable Michael K. McNally , Chief Judge
Honorable James Kurt Kersten
Honorable Edward J. Nykiel
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34th District Court (Romulus)

Honorable Tina Brooks Green , Chief Judge
Honorable Brian A. Oakley
Honorable David M. Parrott
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35th District Court (Plymouth)

Honorable Ronald W. Lowe , Chief Judge
Honorable Michael J. Gerou
Honorable John E. MacDonald

36th District Court (Detroit)

Honorable Marylin E. Atkins , Chief Judge
Honorable Lydia Nance Adams
Honorable Roberta C. Archer
Honorable Joseph N. Baltimore
Honorable Nancy McCaughan Blount
Honorable Izetta F. Bright
Honorable Esther Lynise Bryant-Weekes
Honorable Ruth C. Carter
Honorable Donald Coleman
Honorable Nancy A. Farmer
Honorable Deborah Geraldine Ford
Honorable Ruth Ann Garrett
Honorable Ronald Giles
Honorable Jimmylee Gray
Honorable Katherine Hansen
Honorable Beverly J. Hayes-Sipes
Honorable Paula G. Humphries
Honorable Patricia L. Jefferson
Honorable Vanesa F. Jones-Bradley
Honorable Kenneth J. King
Honorable Deborah L. Langston
Honorable Willie G. Lipscomb Jr.
Honorable Leonia J. Lloyd
Honorable Miriam B. Martin-Clark
Honorable Donna R. Milhouse
Honorable B. Pennie Millender
Honorable Cylenthia LaToye Miller
Honorable Mark A. Randon
Honorable Kevin F. Robbins
Honorable David S. Robinson Jr.
Honorable C. Lorene Royster

Grosse Pte. Municipal Court

Honorable Russell F. Ethridge , Chief Judge

Grosse Pte. Farms Municipal Court

Honorable Matthew R. Rumora , Chief Judge

Grosse Pte. Park Municipal Court

Honorable Carl F. Jarboe , Chief Judge

Grosse Pte. Woods Municipal Court


Honorable Richard L. Caretti , Chief Judge
Honorable James M. Biernat Sr.
Honorable Richard L. Caretti
Honorable Mary A. Chrzanowski
Honorable Diane M. Druzinski
Honorable John C. Foster
Honorable Peter J. Maceroni
Honorable Donald G. Miller
Honorable Edward A. Servitto Jr.
Honorable Mark S. Switalski
Honorable Matthew S. Switalski
Honorable Antonio P. Viviano
Honorable David Viviano
Honorable Tracey A. Yokich

37th District Court (Centerline)

Honorable Walter A. Jakubowski Jr., Chief Judge
Honorable John M. Chmura
Honorable Jennifer Faunce
Honorable Dawnn M. Gruenburg

37th District Court (Warren)

Honorable Walter A. Jakubowski Jr., Chief Judge
Honorable John M. Chmura
Honorable Jennifer Faunce
Honorable Dawnn M. Gruenburg

38th District Court (Eastpointe)

Honorable Norene S. Redmond , Chief Judge

39th District Court (Roseville)

Honorable Joseph F. Boedeker , Chief Judge
Honorable Marco A. Santia
Honorable Catherine B. Steenland

39th District Court (Fraser)

Honorable Joseph F. Boedeker , Chief Judge
Honorable Marco A. Santia
Honorable Catherine B. Steenland

40th District Court (St. Clair Shores)

Honorable Joseph Craigen Oster , Chief Judge
Honorable Mark A. Fratarcangeli

41A District Court (Sterling Heights)

Honorable Stephen S. Sierawski , Chief Judge
Honorable Michael S. Maceroni
Honorable Douglas P. Shepherd
Honorable Kimberley Anne Wiegand

41A District Court (Shelby Township)

Honorable Stephen S. Sierawski , Chief Judge
Honorable Michael S. Maceroni
Honorable Douglas P. Shepherd
Honorable Kimberley Anne Wiegand

41B District Court (Clinton Township)

Honorable Linda Davis , Chief Judge
Honorable Sebastian Lucido
Honorable Sheila A. Miller

42nd District Court (Romeo)

Honorable Denis R. LeDuc , Chief Judge

42nd District Court (New Baltimore)

Honorable Paul Cassidy


44th Circuit Court (Howell)

Honorable Stanley J. Latreille , Chief Judge
Honorable David Reader

53rd District Court (Brighton)

Honorable Theresa M. Brennan , Chief Judge

53rd District Court (Howell)

Honorable L. Suzanne Geddis

Honorable Carol Sue Reader


Ann Arbor
Auburn Hills
Bloomfield Hills
Lenawee County
Mount Clemens
Rochester Hills
Royal Oak
Shelby Township
South Lyon
St. Clair Shores
Sterling Heights
Traverse City
Walled Lake

Zip Codes

Ann Arbor 48103 48104 48105 48106 48107 48108 48109 48113

Auburn Hills 48321 48326

Berkley 48072

Birmingham 48009 48012

Bloomfield Hills 48301 48302 48303 48304

Brighton 48114 48116

Canton 48187 48188

Clarkston 48346 48347 48348

Clawson 48017 48398

Dearborn 48120 48121 48122 48123 48124 48125 48126 48127 48128

Detroit 48201 48202 48203 48204 48205 48206 48207 48208 48209 48210 48211 48212 48213 48214 48215 48216 48217 48218 48219 48220 48221 48222 48223 48224 48225 48226 48227 48228 48229 48230 48231 48232 48233 48234 48235 48236 48237 48238 48239 48240 48242 48243 48244 48255 48260 48264 48265 48266 48267 48268 48269 48272 48275 48277 48278 48279 48288

Farmington 48331 48332 48333 48334 48335 48336

Grosse Pointe 48230 48236

Holly 48442

Howell 48843 48843

Lansing 48901 48906 48907 48908 48909 48910 48911 48912 48913 48915 48916 48917 48918 48919 48921 48922 48924 48929 48930 48933 48937 48950 48951 48956 48980

Lapeer 48446

Macomb 48042 48044

Monroe 48161 48162

Mount Clemens 48043 48045 48046

Northville 48167

Novi 48374 48375 48376 48377

Oak Park 48237

Oakland 48363

Ortonville 48462

Plymouth 48170

Pontiac 48340 48341 48342 48343

Rochester & Rochester Hills 48306 48307 48308 48309

Romeo 48065

Romulus 48174

Royal Oak 48067 48068 48073

South Lyon 48178

Southfield 48034 48037 48075 48076 48086

St. Clair Shores 48080 48081 48082

Sterling Heights 48310 48311 48312 48313 48314

Traverse City 49684 49685 49686 49696

Troy 48007 48083 48084 48085 48098 48099

Utica / Shelby Township 48315 48316 48317 48318

Walled Lake 48390 48391

Waterford 48327 48328 48329

Wayne 48184

Wixom 48393

Woodhaven 48183

Wyandotte 48192

Ypsilanti 48197 48198