Michigan DUI Attorney Costs

What Does it Cost to Hire a Michigan DUI Attorney?

Michigan DUI Attorney Fees - Legal Expenses For Drunk Driving - court_costFrequently, individuals facing a Michigan DUI charge question whether it is worthwhile to hire an experienced Michigan DUI defense attorney.

However, most clients will acknowledge that their Michigan DUI arrest and court case is one of the biggest events of their life. Clients are quickly overwhelmed when considering the possibility of incarceration, heavy fines and costs and the permanency of a criminal record. Upon evaluation, most people conclude that hiring an attorney to represent them, to protect them and to fight for them is a wise decision. Hiring an experienced and qualified Michigan DUI lawyer is an investment in yourself.

An experienced and qualified Michigan DUI defense attorney will almost always charge what is known as a “flat rate”. Conversely, business attorneys, divorce attorneys and estate planning attorneys will often charge an hourly rate. Attorney Richard I. Lippitt recognizes that his clients want to know upfront what the costs associated with representation will be. Clients do not want to give a blank check to their attorney. Attorney Richard I. Lippitt appears over 400 times each year in Michigan courts in defense of Michigan DUI cases. This experience allows him to know from the beginning how much it will cost to represent a client.

Attorney Richard I. Lippitt is keenly respectful of the goals and desires of his clients. For instance, some clients do not wish to go through the cost and emotionally draining requirements of conducting a trial. They may instruct Mr. Lippitt to try to avoid a trial. Naturally, cases that are not positioned for trial can be represented for substantially lower costs than cases on a trial path. Additionally, cases that are set for trial can have additional costs for expert witnesses and court fees. Attorney Lippitt will discuss the pros and cons of all scenarios with you and will help you choose a representation that fits your case's needs. It is not the desires of Mr. Lippitt that dictate the scope of his representation; it is the desires of the client.

Beware of attorneys that advertise lowball prices! A qualified and experienced Michigan DUI attorney charges a fee that takes into consideration the actual investigation and research that will be done on behalf of the client. The lowball attorney will not devote the attention to your case that it deserves. He often times will have a bare-bones office staff or no staff at all! He won’t put the prosecutor or police on notice, demanding the evidence package which you have a constitutional right to receive. He may even ask you to plead guilty without having even cursorily reviewed your case. There’s a reason he charges lowball prices.

Also, beware of attorneys who say things such as “I’m friends with the prosecutor” or “I golf with the judge”. While Michigan DUI attorney Richard I. Lippitt has many fine relationships with judges and prosecutors, these relationships are based on mutual respect, not on cronyism or an “old-boy” network. He has earned their respect by capably and aggressively representing Michigan DUI defendants.

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