After being arrested for a Michigan OWI it is natural to quickly become overwhelmed when considering the various costs associated with a conviction. Many people will begin to consider the pros and cons of hiring a Michigan OWI defense attorney. In some cases representing yourself may prove to be a cost effective strategy. However, often times the goal of saving money is quickly lost because you can be ordered to spend thousands of dollars on court costs, substance abuse treatment programs and random drug testing that you might not otherwise have been ordered to spend had you hired a well-qualified and experienced Michigan OWI defense attorney.

While it is your absolute right to represent yourself during any criminal case, it is not usually the wisest path to choose. Representing yourself is known as being “in pro per”, which is Latin for “in one's own person”. While some judges may give in pro per defendants some leeway, recognizing that they are laymen, the majority of judges will not. In most cases the judge presiding over a Michigan OWI case will expect the in pro per defendant to know and adhere to the same Michigan Rules of Court (MRC's) that a seasoned attorney has to follow. The Court Rules are tricky and failure to strictly adhere to them can cause you to lose your case, even if the evidence weighed truly in your favor. In many cases the judge, who has a cram-packed docket, can become quite irritated when an in pro per defendant begins to fumble through their defense. In some cases the judge's irritation with the in pro per defendant can result in a significantly harsher result. In those cases the in pro per defendants plan to save money has backfired terribly.

Practicing law is not an easy business, even for a highly experienced Michigan OWI defense attorney. Even in cases that don't follow a trial path there are always bumps and surprises along the way. Your seasoned Michigan OWI defense attorney should have the depth of experience necessary to react to such bumps and surprises when they happen. However, effectively representing yourself in a case that hinges on scientific evidence or that relies on the testimony of expert witnesses is nearly impossible. Even if the scientific evidence or expert testimony weighs heavily in your favor you will still need to have the trial skills that can allow the evidence to be presented to a judge or jury in a persuasive manner. In almost every Michigan OWI case the prosecutor will be relying on blood alcohol content (BAC) test results. Blood evidence is, by nature, complicated. If you don't know how to confront this evidence you will fail in establishing reasonable doubt.

It is critical that you give yourself the very best Michigan OWI defense attorney to insure that you receive the very best outcome. A well-qualified and experienced Michigan OWI defense attorney will have the depth of knowledge and training that your case deserves.

If you have been charged with a Michigan OWI you need to take the allegation seriously. Attorney Richard I. Lippitt has the experience and knowledge that is required to confront your case. Mr. Lippitt employs a vast network of scientific and blood experts who can potentially challenge your Michigan OWI arrest. Additionally, Mr. Lippitt possesses the legal scholarship necessary to develop potential constitutional challenges of your Michigan OWI arrest.

Michigan OWI defense attorney Richard I. Lippitt is highly skilled and experienced in investigating and challenging the facts and circumstances of Michigan OWI arrests. Mr. Lippitt appears in Michigan courts over 350 times each year in defense of Michigan OWIs.

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