Zero Tolerance for Minors

Regardless of Whether You are Driving or Not, It is Illegal for Individuals Under the Age of 21 to Consume Alcohol in Michigan

Michigan DUI for a Minor - Get Local Help Now - underageMichigan has a very tough DUI law for drivers under the age of 21 who have the presence of any alcohol in their system at the time of their arrest.

This very tough law is known as “Zero Tolerance”. Under the Zero Tolerance law, a driver under the age of 21 who has a BAC of between .02% and .08% is subject to a Michigan DUI arrest. While it is true that these underage drivers may not be as “drunk” as adult drivers with BACs over .08%, this is still very much a full-blown Michigan DUI. If you have been charged with a Michigan Zero Tolerance DUI, or if your child has been charged, you need to take this matter very seriously.

A Michigan DUI Zero Tolerance conviction does have some differences from an adult Michigan DUI. Most notably, a first offense Michigan DUI Zero Tolerance charge carries no potential jail sentence. However, the judge can still sentence the defendant to up to 360 hours of community service. That’s 45 full work days! Additionally, fines and costs to the court can run into the thousands of dollars. The judge can also order the Michigan DUI Zero Tolerance defendant to participate in a lengthy and expensive substance abuse treatment program. If a minor has been charged with a second offense Michigan DUI Zero Tolerance he can be ordered to serve 93 days in jail, and can also be ordered to perform 60 full days of community service.

It is the lasting effect of a Michigan DUI Zero Tolerance conviction that is perhaps most concerning. A minor who is found guilty of a Zero Tolerance charge has a Michigan DUI on their permanent record. This becomes critically important if there is a new criminal charge many years later. For instance, an individual who is convicted at age 19 with a .03% Michigan DUI Zero Tolerance charge would be subject to a Michigan DUI second offense if they were arrested at age 25. If an individual then goes on to get another DUI at age 30, he will be charged with a Michigan Felony DUI. Essentially, the very first arrest with a minimal BAC of .03% at age 19 will still be counted against the defendant when being charged with a felony. Some under 21 drivers may be arrested with a BAC of over .08%. In those cases the individual, even though he is a minor, will likely be charged with the standard Michigan DUI. Like any over 21 driver, the minor would be subjected to all of the punishments and costs associated with a Michigan DUI. This can include up to 93 days of incarceration. Additionally, there can be thousands of dollars of fines, driver’s license revocation, community service and substance abuse treatment.

If you have been charged with a Michigan DUI Zero Tolerance you need to take the allegation seriously. Attorney Richard I. Lippitt has the experience and knowledge that is required to confront your case. Mr. Lippitt employs a vast network of scientific and blood experts who can potentially challenge your Michigan DUI Zero Tolerance arrest. Additionally, Mr. Lippitt possesses the legal scholarship necessary to develop potential constitutional challenges of your Michigan DUI Zero Tolerance arrest.

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