Michigan DUI First Offense

Michigan Judges and Courts View a Driving Under the Influence Offense as a Very Stern Matter

Michigan DUI First Offense - Get DUI Help Now! - firstRegardless of your previous clean criminal and driving records, a Michigan DUI conviction has significant consequences.

Furthermore, a Michigan DUI conviction stays on your record and carries a serious lifetime stigma.

A Michigan DUI is an offense in which a driver over the age of 21 has the presence of a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher. If a driver is arrested and then breath or blood tested with a .08% BAC or higher, it is likely he will be charged with a Michigan DUI. For Michigan drivers under the age of 21, there is a “Zero Tolerance” law. For those drivers, it is a criminal offense to have a .02% BAC or higher while operating a motor vehicle. Finally, the state has enacted the Michigan Super Drunk law (technically referred to as an “OWI with High BAC”) which imposes even more serious punishments for those Michigan drivers who have a BAC of .17% or higher.

The police will collect evidence of a Michigan defendant’s BAC through the administration of a breathalyzer or blood chemical test. Even if you refused to provide a breath or blood sample, the officer can still charge you with a Michigan DUI which can lead to serious penalties and the suspension of your Michigan driver’s license.

A conviction for a first offense Michigan DUI is classified as a misdemeanor. Some individuals view misdemeanors as being very minor in nature. A Michigan first offense DUI is indeed a misdemeanor, but there is nothing “minor” about it. A judge has the authority to sentence a first offender to up to 93 days in jail, can order the performance of up to 360 hours of community service and can also order intensive participation in alcohol rehabilitation programs. Additionally, a first offense Michigan DUI can result in a 30-day hard suspension of your driver’s license, where you are forbidden from driving for any reason whatsoever, followed by 150 days of restricted privileges (work, school, medical, court and counseling/AA). If your DUI first offense is categorized as a Michigan Super Drunk first offense, you could be sentenced to a maximum of 180 days in jail and the Secretary of State can impose a one-year suspension of your driver’s license.

If your Michigan DUI first offense involved an accident in which a serious injury or death occurred, your matter would be charged as a Michigan DUI felony, in which punishments can be as much as 15 years in a Michigan prison.

After you have completed the terms of your Michigan DUI first offense sentence, your Michigan DUI still has serious lasting consequences. Potential employers can become aware of your conviction, no matter how many years have passed. Of course, there is also a significant likelihood that your automobile insurance rates will be raised as a result of a conviction for a Michigan DUI first offense.

A conviction for a Michigan DUI first offense has the potential to vastly affect your life and your future opportunities. Do not just go to the court and plead guilty. Attorney Richard I. Lippitt focuses his practice on Michigan DUI defenses. He appears on behalf of DUI clients in Michigan courts over 400 times every year. Mr. Lippitt can help you win your case outright or can fight to have your charges significantly reduced. He knows that this is perhaps the most difficult period of time that a client will experience during their entire life. His goal is to help you through this hard time and to ensure that you get the best result.

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