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drunk driving arrestIf you've been charged with operating a motorized vehicle under the influence, it's important to understand what you've been charged with. Please click the link that best describes your Michigan DUI charge to learn more about the charge and what consequences you can expect. As an experienced DUI lawyer, Richard Lippitt will ensure your rights and your freedom are protected, while negotiating the best possible outcome for your circumstances. Your driving privilege is perhaps the most valuable asset you own, even more valuable than your home or retirement account, for you simply cannot continue to earn a living without driving privileges.

Experienced Legal Representation Can Help You With

  • Understand your charges
  • Become aware of your rights under the law
  • Identify illegal police actions
  • Determine which defenses apply to your case

If you have been charged with a Michigan DUI, you need to take quick action. Attorney Richard I. Lippitt has the resources and experience that is required to attack your case. Mr. Lippitt employs a vast network of scientific and blood experts who can potentially challenge your Michigan DUI vehicular manslaughter arrest. Additionally, Mr. Lippitt possesses the legal scholarship necessary to develop potential constitutional challenges of your Michigan vehicular manslaughter arrest. Michigan DUI lawyer Richard I. Lippitt is highly skilled and experienced in investigating and challenging the facts and circumstances of Michigan DUI arrests. Mr. Lippitt appears in Michigan courts over 400 times each year in defense of .

Understand Your Rights and Responsibilities With Alcohol Tests

If you've been pulled over under suspicion of driving under the influence in Michigan, chances are you've been subject to a blood alcohol test. Your rights, in terms of refusal and accuracy of the results, are something your attorney will explain in detail. Here are some articles to help you prepare and get a better understanding of terms used regarding blood alcohol tests.

Did you fail a field sobriety test?

Even for a sober person, it is easy for the police to allege that you have failed their field sobriety tests. Notwithstanding the fact that defendants feel the field sobriety tests are stacked against them, a good Michigan DUI attorney can attack the credibility of these tests. There are voluminous instructional manuals that describe the exact methodology under which the field sobriety tests can be performed. Oftentimes, upon review of videotape or other evidence, an experienced Michigan OWI defense lawyer can isolate moments where the arresting officer has performed field sobriety tests incorrectly. In some cases, this can lead to a dismissal of charges.

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I hired Richard back in 2005 to represent me. I had five bench warrants all from driving offenses (one DUI) and I was just terrified. Richard was there when I turned myself in to police and he was present at all my court dates, he even gave me a ride to a couple of them. If I remember correctly, he drove all the way to Gratiot, MI for one of the cases.The price was very fair and I was happy with his representation and the results we got. All of the judges in Metro area knew him and seemed to like him a lot. I would certainly recommend his service.
Joseph Reynolds

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