After completing the sentence imposed by the court, the drunk driving offender is often eager to resume his or her normal life. Returning to work, school, and other activities generally requires driving, however, and driving requires automobile insurance. One of the consequences of a drunk driving conviction that many offenders may not think about until the worst seems to be behind them is the prospect of obtaining auto insurance after a conviction. An attorney experienced in drunk driving law can explain — and possibly even circumvent — the full range of repercussions that can result from drunk driving, regarding insurance and otherwise.

One of the unfortunate consequences of a DUI arrest and/or conviction is that insurance companies will view you as a “high risk” driver. Many of the larger companies, such as AAA and Geico, may not offer coverage, while others will quote rates two or three times higher than before the drunk driving incident. Generally speaking, this is price-gouging, also known as the “DUI tax”: the statistics on accidents for first offenders simply do not justify the high premiums. The simple fact is that quotes vary greatly from one company to another: price shopping is strongly advised.

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