AN EXPERIENCED AND KNOWLEDGEABLE ATTORNEY makes the difference between a successful driver license appeal hearing, and one that comes close but is denied for any number of reasons.

If you've been penalized with a License Suspension for a Michigan OWI and your driving privileges have been revoked due to alcohol or drug offenses, it will be necessary to request a hearing for reinstatement through the Secretary of State's administrative law process.

In general, reinstatement hearings can only be scheduled after the following periods of time:

  • Two (2) DUI convictions in an 84-month period trigger a one-year minimum period of revocation.
  • Three (3) DUI convictions in a 120-month period trigger a five-year minimum period of revocation.

Attorney Richard Lippitt has appeared before the Michigan Secretary of State's Administrative Hearings Section (AHS – once known as the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division) on more than 500 occasions.  The Secretary of State demands that applicants satisfy extremely particular requirements. Attorney Richard Lippitt's knowledge of the specific requirements needed for a successful hearing insures that each petitioner will have his “ducks in a row” at hearing time and thus will be positioned for maximum success.

Any attorney is free to appear before the Secretary of State.  However, it is critical that one hires an attorney who has had the experience of appearing before the Secretary of State on hundreds of occasions with successful results for his clients.