The stakes could not be higher if you have been charged with a Michigan OWI third offense.

Michigan categorizes a Michigan OWI third offense as a felony. It is the only category of Michigan OWI which grants a judge authority to sentence a defendant to the Michigan prison system. Furthermore, a conviction for Michigan OWI third offense will cause you to be forever labeled as a “FELON”. This is why it is critical to hire a highly qualified OWI defense attorney to help you fight your Michigan Felony OWI charge.

Michigan OWI statute allows a judge to sentence a Michigan OWI third offense defendant to between one to five years in a Michigan prison. Statute allows court fines alone to be as much as $5,000. You can be ordered to perform a minimum of 60 days of community service. Additionally, Michigan has tough OWI third offense forfeiture laws which allow the prosecutor to outright permanently seize the vehicle used at the time of the arrest, even in cases where you were using a vehicle that belonged to another person or is subject to a bank lien.

Like a second offense OWI, a conviction for Michigan OWI third offense can cause your driver's license to become 100% revoked for between one to five years. If subsequent hearings for license reinstatement at the Michigan Secretary are not successful, your license revocation can potentially last a lifetime. Additionally, your vehicle's license plate will be confiscated and the judge can order your vehicle to be immobilized for between one to three years. Vehicle immobilization requires the hiring of a private company to place an immobilization device on your car at a costly monthly or yearly rate. Finally, a Michigan OWI third offense will cause the Michigan Department of Treasury to levy a $1,000 annual driver responsibility fee for a period of two years.

Perhaps most devastating is the dreaded “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” check box that appears on various job applications, tenancy applications, student loans, etc. A conviction for Michigan OWI third offense can possibly prevent you from gaining government employment and educational loans. It can also affect your ability to be granted a gun permit, even for hunting purposes. Landlords have the right to deny residency to convicted felons.

Hiring the right attorney to handle your Michigan OWI third offense is critically important. You simply have too much to lose. You deserve to receive the best possible outcome and your attorney will want to do everything humanly possible to prevent your incarceration. A good OWI defense attorney can form strategies which can combat or even overcome the charges levelled against you.

Attorney Richard I. Lippitt will exhaustively research and review your case. Every potential defense will be explored. Attorney Richard I. Lippitt appears in Michigan courts over 350 times per year in defense of Michigan OWIs. Mr. Lippitt has assisted hundreds of clients in earning acquittals, dismissals or reductions of their Michigan OWI third offense.