Child Endangerment

If You Were Arrested For Drunk Driving and You Were Transporting a Child Under the Age of 16, You Will Likely be Charged with DUI Child Endangerment

DUI Child Endangerment Charges in Michigan - Get Legal Help Now - childLike all Michigan DUI convictions, a conviction for Michigan DUI child endangerment will stay on your criminal record for the remainder of your life.

This is why it is critical that you hire a qualified and experienced Michigan DUI defense attorney immediately.

If this is your first Michigan DUI offense, and there is an additional allegation of child endangerment, you will be charged with a misdemeanor. You can face a maximum of one year in jail. Additionally, you can be ordered to perform 90 days of community service, which is 18 five-day work weeks! The addition of the child endangerment portion of your charge grants the court authority to impose fines and costs amounting to thousands of dollars.

If this is a Michigan DUI second offense that includes an allegation of child endangerment, then you will likely be charged with a felony. In addition to a maximum of one year in jail, you can be ordered to perform up to 180 days of community service. The fines and costs that are paid to the court are significantly higher than a Michigan DUI Child Endangerment misdemeanor.

If you are a minor who is transporting a sibling or friend and are convicted under Michigan’s underage Zero Tolerance law, you can be sentenced to 93 days in jail, even if you have a previous perfect driving record. Additionally, you can be ordered to perform up to 60 days of community service.

If you have been charged with a Michigan DUI including Child Endangerment you need to take the allegation seriously. Attorney Richard I. Lippitt has the experience and knowledge that is required to confront your case. Mr. Lippitt employs a vast network of scientific and blood experts who can potentially challenge your Michigan DUI arrest. Additionally, Mr. Lippitt possesses the legal scholarship necessary to develop potential constitutional challenges of your Michigan DUI arrest.

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